Aims and purposes of the Foundation

§ 1
The Foundation under the name “Wisława Szymborska Foundation,” established by virtue of Wisława Szymborska-Włodek’s last testament, operates under the provisions of the Foundation Act of 6 April 1984 (Journal of Laws of 1991, No 46, item 203, with further amendments), the Public Benefit and Volunteer Work Act of 24 April 2003 (Journal of Laws of 2010, No 234, item 1536 with further amendments), and the provisions of this very Charter.

§ 2
The Foundation’s seat is in Krakow.
The Foundation conducts its activities on the territory of the Republic of Poland and abroad.
The role of supervisory authority relevant to the aims of the Foundation is held by the Minister of Culture.
The Foundation shall operate indefinitely.Among others, the Foundation conducts activities for the benefit of the public within the scope of public tasks determined in the Public Benefit and Volunteer Work Act.
Statutory operations of the Foundation can be conducted as unpaid or paid activities in consideration of the provisions of the Public Benefit and Volunteer Work Act, and as other types of statutory operations of the Foundation. The abovementioned forms of statutory operations as well as commercial activities shall be marked in the accounts to a degree allowing the revenue, expenses, and effects of all of these activities to be determined with regard to the relevant legal provisions within the area of accounting. In addition, the scope of paid or unpaid public services shall be determined by the resolutions of the Foundation’s Board.
The Foundation can form commercial companies and join already existing companies.

§ 3
The Foundation’s activities are meant to pursue the following aims of:
1) attending to Wisława Szymborska’s literary legacy, including the archive of her works
2) providing monetary aid to writers who are in difficult financial situations
3) establishing and managing an award fund for young writers in the name of Adam Włodek
4) establishing and managing an award fund as well as granting an award in the name of Wisława Szymborska
5) establishing and managing funds for other awards for literary, academic, and artistic works
6) supporting, protecting, and propagating Polish culture, literary production, academic output, and reading in Poland and abroad, as well as propagating the ideas of tolerance and dialogue in  public life
7) supporting all undertakings as regards education, academia, and schooling.

§ 4
The Foundation pursues its aims by:
a) conducting educational, informational, popularizing, and publishing activities
b) organizing and financing educational and schooling activities
c) organizing and financing academic activities within the field of culture
d) organizing and financing conferences, training, academic seminars, lectures, as well as both national and international research projects
e) organizing and financing a literary competition for the Adam Włodek Award
f) organizing and financing a literary competition for the Wisława Szymborska Award
g) organizing and financing other competitions and awards for literary, academic, and artistic works
h) organizing and financing literary festivals, concerts, exhibitions, and other forms of promoting literature and reading
i) establishing and financing scholarships for literary scholars and academics
j) organizing and financing welfare aid to authors who are in difficult financial situations
k) financing literary magazines and other publications
l) cooperating with public institutions and non-governmental organizations operating within the scope of the Foundation’s aims, with national and international institutions, and with natural persons interested in the Foundation’s aims
m) protecting and supervising Wisława Szymborska’s archive
n) protecting Wisława Szymborska’s personal copyrights and her image.